4 Diaper Innovations that Make It Easier to Change the Baby

4 Diaper Innovations that Make It Easier to Change the Baby

A couple of generations ago, changing the baby’s diaper involved a triangular or rectangular heavy-duty cotton cloth and a couple of safety pins. Soiled diapers would be soaked and then hand-washed or machine-washed before drying and being reused. In the late 1900s, disposable diapers appeared on the market, drawing praise and gratitude of moms everywhere. However, today’s disposable diapers have evolved even further to make it easier to Amcal change the baby.

Wetness indicator.

Certain disposable diaper brands have an embedded front-to-back thin, neutral-colored stripe that appears faint on dry diapers when parents check to change the baby. When wet or soiled by the baby, the stripe turns a more distinctive color, like blue. At a glance, without sticking a finger into the edge of the diaper to test for wetness, the moisture indicator lets the parent know whether he or she needs to change the baby. The indicator line may be partly or completely visible, informing the parent or caregiver about the amount of moisture in the diaper.

Pull-up training pants.

As infants become toddlers and show signs of being ready for potty training, many diaper companies now sell pull-up training pants either for both sexes or separately for girls and boys. With small side tabs, these training pants look and feel like underwear, but they are easy to change and to pull up or down if the child needs coaxing to use the toilet, or even if parents change the baby.

Child-oriented designs.

Most diapers today come in cute colorful designs based on popular cartoon or kids’ film characters or funny and cute animals or fairies. Small children love to wear stylish diapers and show them off to other kids when permitted. Artsy images help to make diapers more acceptable to children who might otherwise fight against frequent diaper changes. Toddlers like to pay dress up, and these diapers contribute to the game as parents change the baby and then let him or her have fun playing.

Bulk packaging.

Nowadays diapers can be purchased in small packs or large, bulk-size boxes that hold 96 or more diapers. For families with twins or who just don’t like to shop often, the larger boxes are convenient. The boxes keep diapers securely packed and out of the way until needed. Packaging is clearly labeled with the baby’s weight range, so parents can easily find the right size to buy. Special purpose diapers, like those for boys or girls and potty training style, are also readily recognizable to help parents change the baby into the right size and type of Huggies Amcal.

Image for Huggies Crawler Girl - 22 Pack from Amcal

Not so long ago, baby diapers came in limited sizes, one style, and one color, which was white. Today parents can enjoy the full line of diaper options waiting at most supermarkets or department stores. They can feel more confident that their child has the best fit for his or her size and diapering needs. Diapers have come a long way to facilitate the way parents change the baby until potty trained.

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