Busselton Half Marathon


Where: Start/Finish at Signal Park Busselton WA
When: Saturday 5th February 2011 
Start Times
7:30am – 21.1Km & 5Km walk
8:15am – 10Km
8:30am – 5Km runners and 5Km race walkers
Course 21.1Km is an out and back course of 2 laps along the coastal bike/pedestrian paths of Busselton and is an Athletics Australia Certified Accurate course.
5Km run and walk is a 1 lap out and back course of along the coastal bike/pedestrian paths of Busselton. The 5Km run heads West while the walk heads East
10km is two laps of the 5Km loop.

Sinus Hay Fever Relief

Sinus Hay Fever Relief

Many people suffer from allergies to pollen or other substances like dust or mold or pet dander. These types of allergies are referred to as allergic rhinitis or hay fever and they affect the respiratory system in the body. Symptoms of hay fever include sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, itchy or watery eyes and sometimes headache. Hay fever is typically seasonal when pollen counts are high, however if someone is continually exposed to an allergen such as pet dander they may experience symptoms throughout the year. Fortunately, there are some natural remedies that can help to provide effective sinus hay fever relief.

An allergic response occurs as the result of an aggressive immune response to a specific trigger, or allergen. Integrative and naturopathic physicians find that allergies are present in combination with weakened immune, digestive or adrenal functioning. Treatment is aimed at strengthening these bodily systems to help address symptoms and provide Amcal hayfever sinus relief. Professionals usually recommend starting natural treatments a couple of months before hay fever season begins to reduce the overall severity of symptoms.

Getting the proper nutrition is a key part of managing allergies and ensuring the best chance for sinus hay fever relief. It is important to first identify and remove any potential allergies in the diet that may be contributing to increased symptoms. Often those with environmental allergies also suffer from food allergies. To help reduce allergy symptoms, drink plenty of pure, clean water and strive for a diet that is rich fruits and vegetables. Dark, leafy greens and root vegetables like carrots, beets and yams are particularly helpful in the diet, as well as onions, garlic and spices like cayenne and ginger. Try to minimize the use of dairy products, wheat, artificial food additives, and sugar in the diet to support immune function and optimize sinus hay fever relief.

Other natural methods for managing allergies and providing sinus hay fever relief include the use of vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements. Vitamin C is a helpful natural antihistamine, as is Bromelain which is found in abundance in pineapple. Quercetin is one of the commonly used bioflavonoids that also acts as a powerful natural antihistamine and can be particularly helpful in providing sinus hay fever relief. Additional supplements that can be helpful include probiotics (healthy bacteria), flaxseed, vitamins A and E, zinc, and a multivitamin. Herbal supplements like Gingko biloba, Eyebright, and Milk thistle are also used to provide sinus hay fever relief. Talk with your health care provider to learn what treatments like Claratyne Amcal may work best for you.

 Image for Claratyne Children's Grape Chewable - 10 Tablets from Amcal

Anti-Smoking Patches

Anti-Smoking Patches
Trying to quit smoking is a long and difficult process because of the highly addictive stimulant nicotine. Yet, the healthiest move a person can make is to quit smoking because smoking is one of the main causes of most preventable deaths in America. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more smoking-related deaths each year in America than deaths caused by HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle accidents, and firearm-related incidents combined. Most smokers would like to quit smoking, and the use of anti-smoking patches is one of many products a person can use to help them quit.

Anti-smoking patches are used as a part of a nicotine replacement therapy program. When used with other behavioral techniques, anti-smoking patches have up to a 70 percent success rate in helping people quit smoking. In addition to anti-smoking patches, chewing gum, Amcal quit smoking inhaler products, and lozenges are also used in nicotine replacement therapy, and more than one of these products may be used at the same time. Depending on the formulation of the nicotine in these products, some side effects can occur when using these products. Side effects include:

• Nausea
• Mouth or skin irritation
• Hiccups or coughing
• Runny nose
• Headache

Another serious side effect is nicotine poisoning, and there is a possibility that the smoker will still be addicted to nicotine despite their best efforts at attempting to quit.

An anti-smoking patch releases a controlled dose of nicotine into the bloodstream through the skin over a 16 to 24-hour period. The size of the patch determines how much nicotine it has in it. Large patches have the most nicotine, and they are used during the first few weeks of nicotine replacement therapy. After the first few weeks, the smoker can start using the medium-sized patches, which have less nicotine. After a few weeks of using the medium-sized patches, the smoker can start using the small patches, which have the least amount of nicotine. Eventually the smoker should be able to stop using the patches, and hopefully, they will no longer have the desire for nicotine.

Amcal Nicotine Patches 7mg can be purchased over-the-counter, so smokers can combat their nicotine addiction on their own. In some cases, professional help may be needed to address nicotine addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms include weight gain, depression, irritability, and anxiety. An antidepressant such as bupropion may be prescribed to help the person quit smoking. People can successfully quit smoking when they are determined to live a healthier lifestyle and when they have a good support network.

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What to Look for When Buying Deodorant

What to Look for When Buying Deodorant

Deodorant is an everyday essential, so it’s definitely something that you’ll want to have on hand. However, shopping for it can be pretty overwhelming. If you’ve ever found yourself looking at a ton of options in your local pharmacy or mass market retail store, you might have had trouble choosing the perfect brand. There are a few things that you can look for when shopping for medicated deodorant at Amcal to help you ensure that you buy the perfect brand.

Deodorant vs. Anti-Perspirant

First of all, you have to know the difference between a deodorant and an anti-perspirant. An anti-perspirant is designed to help prevent you from sweating in the first place. A deodorant is designed to help cover up body odors. Many people prefer to look for an option that is both a deodorant and an anti-perspirant. This can be a good option if you would like to avoid sweating any more than necessary but if you would like to cover up the odor of any sweating that you might do.


Even though the main reason why you are buying this type of product probably isn’t because of the smell, many people find that the scent of the brand that they choose is important. If you would like an option with a fragrance, consider smelling a few different options. This can help you choose the scent that works best for you. If you would prefer not to wear a scent, such as if you are sensitive to scents or if you are concerned about it getting in the way of people being able to smell your cologne or perfume, you should consider looking Lynx Excite Deodorant Body Spray Amcal.

Image for Lynx Excite Deodorant Body Spray - 100g from Amcal


These are products that come at a wide variety of price points. If you’re on a tight budget, you should be able to find an option that costs about a dollar. If you have a little more to spend, however, you may want to look for a higher-end product, which might have a longer-lasting formula or that might have a better scent.

As you can see, there are a few different things that you will want to look for when shopping for a deodorant. With so many different types on the market, you should be able to find one that is perfect for you. Of course, you may end up trying a few different brands along the way.

Pregnancy vitamins

Pregnancy Vitamins

A balanced diet consisting of a variety of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats should provide all of the nutrients a person requires. However, during pregnancy there is an increased demand for all of these nutrients and extra vitamins and minerals as well. The US RDA (recommended daily allowances) for these vitamins and minerals reflect this need. So in addition to a well planned diet, most physicians will recommend pregnancy vitamins. These vitamins have higher dosages of the nutrients necessary for a healthy pregnancy, including iron, calcium, folate, iodine and vitamin D. They don’t replace the need for a well balanced diet, but can help fill in any gaps that may be overlooked in day to day meal planning.

Iron is in high demand by the body during the prenatal period. A woman’s blood volume and red blood cell count increases significantly during pregnancy. Many pregnant women find themselves newly anemic for the first time in their lives. For this reason, one of the main minerals supplemented in pregnancy vitamins by Amcal is iron. Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include fatigue and muscle weakness. Prenatal blood tests will always check blood iron levels and physicians may prescribe supplementation beyond what is provided by pregnancy vitamins.

Folate, or folic acid, has gotten a lot of attention for its role in preventing neural tube defects. The March of Dimes has raised awareness of this crucial vitamin and the necessity for higher folate intake in women of childbearing age. All pregnancy vitamins provide the US RDA of folic acid for pregnant women. Neural tube defects can form in fetuses before the average woman will even know she is pregnant. Ideally women should take pregnancy vitamins if there is any chance at all they will become pregnant, such as Life Space Pregnancy Probiotic and Breastfeeding – 60 Capsules.

Pregnancy vitamins also provide higher levels of calcium than regular vitamin supplements. Large amounts of calcium are required by the mother’s body due to the growth of the baby’s bones. If calcium is not supplied in adequate amounts from dietary sources, the body will rob the mother’s skeletal system in order to provide for the growing fetus. This can lead to lower maternal bone density and possible osteoporosis later in the mother’s life.

Image for Life Space Pregnancy Probiotic and Breastfeeding - 60 Capsules from Amcal

In addition to calcium, pregnancy vitamins provide vitamins C, E, and D, all crucial for the development of bones. They also aid in the development of cartilage, tendons and skin. Consuming prenatal vitamins is one of the most effective choices an expectant mother can take in order to have a healthy baby. Beyond what is currently known about diet and nutrition, the extra vitamins and minerals provided by these pregnancy vitamins may play other essential, but as of yet unknown, roles in health and disease prevention. The peace of mind that these vitamins deliver, particularly in the absence of any known risks, far outweigh the minimal expense.

4 Diaper Innovations that Make It Easier to Change the Baby

4 Diaper Innovations that Make It Easier to Change the Baby

A couple of generations ago, changing the baby’s diaper involved a triangular or rectangular heavy-duty cotton cloth and a couple of safety pins. Soiled diapers would be soaked and then hand-washed or machine-washed before drying and being reused. In the late 1900s, disposable diapers appeared on the market, drawing praise and gratitude of moms everywhere. However, today’s disposable diapers have evolved even further to make it easier to Amcal change the baby.

Wetness indicator.

Certain disposable diaper brands have an embedded front-to-back thin, neutral-colored stripe that appears faint on dry diapers when parents check to change the baby. When wet or soiled by the baby, the stripe turns a more distinctive color, like blue. At a glance, without sticking a finger into the edge of the diaper to test for wetness, the moisture indicator lets the parent know whether he or she needs to change the baby. The indicator line may be partly or completely visible, informing the parent or caregiver about the amount of moisture in the diaper.

Pull-up training pants.

As infants become toddlers and show signs of being ready for potty training, many diaper companies now sell pull-up training pants either for both sexes or separately for girls and boys. With small side tabs, these training pants look and feel like underwear, but they are easy to change and to pull up or down if the child needs coaxing to use the toilet, or even if parents change the baby.

Child-oriented designs.

Most diapers today come in cute colorful designs based on popular cartoon or kids’ film characters or funny and cute animals or fairies. Small children love to wear stylish diapers and show them off to other kids when permitted. Artsy images help to make diapers more acceptable to children who might otherwise fight against frequent diaper changes. Toddlers like to pay dress up, and these diapers contribute to the game as parents change the baby and then let him or her have fun playing.

Bulk packaging.

Nowadays diapers can be purchased in small packs or large, bulk-size boxes that hold 96 or more diapers. For families with twins or who just don’t like to shop often, the larger boxes are convenient. The boxes keep diapers securely packed and out of the way until needed. Packaging is clearly labeled with the baby’s weight range, so parents can easily find the right size to buy. Special purpose diapers, like those for boys or girls and potty training style, are also readily recognizable to help parents change the baby into the right size and type of Huggies Amcal.

Image for Huggies Crawler Girl - 22 Pack from Amcal

Not so long ago, baby diapers came in limited sizes, one style, and one color, which was white. Today parents can enjoy the full line of diaper options waiting at most supermarkets or department stores. They can feel more confident that their child has the best fit for his or her size and diapering needs. Diapers have come a long way to facilitate the way parents change the baby until potty trained.

Probiotics Products in Your Diet

The Importance of Probiotics Products in Your Diet

Bacteria plays an important role in your digestion, aiding to break down food. There are good and bad bacteria that vary in quantity. When you take antibiotics or suffer from intestinal problems, the good bacteria declines in number. You can replenish this amount with the use of probiotics. Learn more about probiotics products and the importance of including them in your diet.

The Purpose of Probiotics

There are good bacteria and bad bacteria that affect the body. Probiotics are the good kind that are introduced into the human gut for the purpose of improving health. The healthy microorganisms reduce the development of diseases that start in the intestines, such as diarrhea, urinary infections and cancer. Good bacteria also maintains a proper pH balance that prevents constipation.

Products Available in Stores

Probiotics products must be safe and proven to be effective. A major concern is the ability of probiotics to survive and flourish in the intestines. The products must contain live microorganisms to be beneficial.

Another issue is the amount of bacteria present in probiotics products. Determining the exact number of good bacteria present is difficult or impossible. Also, several strains of bacteria exist, and different products contain different strains. Not everyone has the same digestive system either, so people react differently to the same product. Choosing the right product is risky because the results vary with each individual.

Probiotic at Amcal are marketed as improving your health in general. It’s also important to research the medical studies that are being tested on specific problems like high cholesterol or inflammatory bowel disease. Some studies have shown that probiotics products are helpful at treating bowel diseases, but more high-quality studies must be conducted.

A healthy digestive system is important for the body, and high amounts of good bacteria are needed in the gut. The use of probiotics has been offered as a way to improve digestive health. Even so, you must be cautious when buying probiotics products online or in the stores. Like Blackmore Probiotics https://www.amcal.com.au/vitamins-supplements/probiotics/blackmores-probiotics-plus-adults-daily-health-90-capsules-p-9300807302996

Maintaining a healthy level of good bacteria in your gut is beneficial to your digestive system. Consider whether or not it’s important to include probiotics products in a diet. According to some medical studies, probiotics are proven to reduce the symptoms of certain intestinal problems like diarrhea and bowel disease. However, not everyone benefits from using the same product. Research the effectiveness of the different products made to aid in your digestion.

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Weight Loss Shakes

Weight Loss Shakes

Meal replacement weight loss shakes with whey protein are specially designed to enable you to lose weight. Whey protein has no particular hazards or side effects, it’s just dehydrated milk protein that has been altered. However, be careful as some weight loss shakes are very high in sugar.

Image for Optifast VLCD Chocolate Shake - 18 x 53g Sachets from Amcal

In this article we will see the best way to use weight loss shakes to replace a meal. For example, before I do my cardio, I take care not to over-eat carbohydrates so that my body increases the proportion of fatty acid used. However, I also take care to have a good level of amino acids present in the blood.

These are the constituents of whey protein and therefore the metabolism does not use muscle tissue as a source of energy. Whey protein Amcal cheap weight loss shakes also decrease your hunger. Use weight loss shakes as a supplement to your diet.

You should know that the composition of your meal before physical training will determine how the use of your energy during physical exercise will unfold. You just have to bring a whey shake to consume according to your needs. Try different shakes meal replacements and other meal substitutes products to add variety to your menu.

Make sure the calorie content is tailored to your needs. Also, if you do not know, it would take too long to explain, but Bisphenol is found everywhere in packaging, plastic bottles in particular, and gets stuck in fatty tissue and causes cancer as well. Use shakes that contain at least 300 calories and a good balance of essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and the minerals that your body needs.

How well do you use your low-calorie supplements? If on the other hand you have a healthy dinner planned, it is useless to replace this meal with Opitfast Shake at Amcal. However, be careful as some whey protein shake studies of weight loss shakes have been carried out on animals and not on humans.

Isolate whey protein shakes contains nearly 90% protein. When eating a meal replacement, limit yourself to snacks in the form of shakes as protein bars tend to be high in sugar. Do you think whey protein shakes are harmful to your health?

Don’t worry, you can calmly consume your protein in powder or solid form as long as you do not go beyond the 1/3 of your daily caloric intake coming from proteins. Obviously, the higher the protein will be, the more expensive it will be for you. Since meal replacements contain a sufficient intake of protein, they usually provide a good satiety effect.

A good supplement contains both carbohydrates and proteins for a total of 300 to 500 calories. Whey protein isolates contain a very low fat content, a trace of cholesterol and lactose. To find out what works for you, check out all the labels, then compare them and then make your decision. I use whey protein shakes personally because, and this is very convenient when you are away from home, there is usually no time to have some protein intake and it enables your recovery.